Energy and Intuition

Chakra Healing EnergyMind, body, spirit. There is so much more to us than we could ever understand. We concentrate mostly on our bodies and minds, but what about our spirit? We have boundless, untapped reservoirs of knowledge and strength to draw on, but we rarely do that because we are unaware of just what is available to us.

I believe, along with many others, that we are born with psychic awareness and ability, with intuition, with a ready and easy connection to our spirits and to a spiritual Supreme Being. As we advance through childhood, into adulthood, so many of us lose this awareness and let our “psychic muscle” atrophy. However, it is still available to us should we ever want to access it.

As we progress through life, we are bound to encounter physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges. Luckily we have an abundance of choices that will help us with such issues – from our own intuitive awareness, to traditional medicine, with a host of alternatives in between.

Relationships and Life:

Arm Wrestling Between A Couple

Are you having a problem with a co-worker, family member, partner or child?

Do you wish you could find out more about your loved ones (pets or humans) who have passed? Are you tired of trying to rid yourself of old habits, fears, anxieties, or other “demons” that persist in intruding into your current life? Do you feel you could live a more fulfilling and vibrant life?

An energy, or psychic, reading can help you uncover, understand and resolve many of life’s common problems and leave you feeling healed and whole.

Career and Finances:

Career change or dead end job concept.Perhaps you’re facing some tough decisions about your career. Are you in a job you love, but earn too little, should you take the high-paying job, but know that it will be a poor fit for you? How do you choose? Let me read what your energy and your spirit share about this dilemma. Become aware of your spiritual strength and use it to help guide your way forward.

You are in charge of what information you share with me. I cannot see what your spirit does not care to show me!

Unlike traditional psychotherapy, there is no need to identify your problems’ causes. Your spirit knows what you need, and does not require deep or prolonged discussion!