Iggy the Pug, and the Welsh Pit Pony. Proof of Past Lives?

Iggy the Pug, and the Welsh Pit Pony. Proof of Past Lives?


This is Iggy, my “grand-dog”. He is a rescue pug and, along with his sister pug Daisy, he belongs to my daughter Jo and her husband Jason. Although only about six years old, he seems to be older in that his body looks like it’s been knocked around a fair bit. His back is arched almost as if it’s been damaged, he’s very slender (unusual for most pugs!), his legs are very stiff, and he seems to be partially blind. However, when it comes to character, he has plenty! Energetic and playful, he loves a cuddle (especially from his dad), picks fights with Daisy, and generally seems to embrace life.

One day when I was looking for an animal subject to practice on during my pet communication training, I thought of Iggy and wondered whether a reading and a healing might help him. At least I could find out if he was in any pain, suffering from blindness, or anything else he might want to tell me that his humans could use as information to help him feel better. Jo and Jason agreed I could do this and sent me his picture as requested. The morning of the day Iggy was to be a subject in our class, as I was waking up, I sent him a “heart hello”, letting him know we’d be asking his permission later on in the day to read him and give him a healing. He must have been ready, because I immediately got a response from him. He showed me that in a past life he’d been a pit pony. I dredged my memory to see what I could recall about pit ponies. Other than knowing they had been used in the Welsh coal mines, and that often they spent their entire lives underground, I didn’t know much else. I did however recall that they often ended up almost blind because of having spent a lifetime in the pitch dark of the coal mines, and that when they were brought to the surface in retirement, they had a difficult time with the light.

Enter good old Google! I did some research on pit ponies, to discover that there are still a few remaining ponies alive, in well-earned retirement in rescue homes in Wales.


I was perusing one page that had photos of four ponies in the care of one particular rescue and retirement home, and to my complete and utter astonishment, the 4th photo I looked at was one of a pit pony called Iggy! Was Iggy (the pug) actually showing me this bit of information to help me understand his difficulty seeing? He has since been to an ophthalmologist vet who has indeed determined that he is blind in his left eye, along with other conditions that are probably causing him considerable pain in both eyes. Fortunately he is now being medicated and, hopefully, feeling more comfortable.

This is just one example of how a pet can communicate with an intuitive, and how great the outcome can be for all when such things happen.

Thank you Iggy the pug, and Iggy the pony!